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The Herta & Paul Amir Faculty of Social Sciences was one of the first Faculties established at the University of Haifa and has since its inauguration performed 

as a central pivot in research, education and public influence. The Faculty includes two Schools, nine departments and three independent programs. The School of Political Sciences is comprised of three Divisions; these are Government and Political Theory, International Relations, and Public Administration and Policy. The Faculty is also home to the School of Criminology.

The Faculty’s nine departments are Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Computer Sciences, Economics, Information Systems, Statistics, Geography and Environmental Studies, and Communications. An International Program, Multi-Disciplinary Program of Child Development, and Program for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution are all part of the Faculty.

All of our 160 faculty members are of international academic reputation. Their research and scholarly endeavors are supported by a highly professional administrative staff. This incredible team serves a diversified population of thousands of Israeli students who come from a broad spectrum of social, national & geographical backgrounds. The Faculty welcomes all of them in a learning environment based upon mutual respect, tolerance and academic collaboration.

The Faculty is one of Israel’s leading academic units for the diverse study of the Social Sciences and is ranked high in international assessments in the field of Social Sciences. The Faculty of Social Sciences is a beacon of light in Israeli society, reflecting more than any other similar academic unit in Israel the country’s beauty, scientific achievements and human strengths. This is our principal attribute, and in that we take great pride.

During the following years, the Faculty will evolve into an even more dynamic, entrepreneurial, competitive and innovative academic environment. It is our duty to transform research and academic learning into a scientific and pedagogic mission, both at the national and international levels, leading the way in developing knowledge and disseminating it throughout our core practical disciplines. We shall continue to recruit top-notch scholars, develop our labs and research programs, and aspire to attract exceptional students in all fields of academic pursuit. Together, we will harness our hearts and minds to the Faculty’s advancement and prosperity in the coming years.

This goal is achievable only through meticulous planning and open collaboration among our academic faculty, administrative staff and the students, all of whom are committed to this joint effort. During my period in office and throughout the next few years, the Faculty will launch and put into action a new “Start-Up” program aimed at reinforcing its research status and reputation both nationally and internationally. This “Start-Up” program will emphasize the uniqueness of the various research fields in which we engage. Through it we will transform the Faculty of Social Sciences into a source of attraction for both promising students from all backgrounds and the most talented academic faculty to be found.

Our goal is to encourage and shape an ambitious research and teaching culture that is prepared for the future. It is important to remember that our positioning in the forefront of science is an ongoing effort, which we will approach with a clear map and precisely-oriented compass.

I call upon leading academic researchers in all areas and fields to join us and discover how a groundbreaking and innovative research enterprise is being carried out in Haifa! We welcome the students who have joined our academic programs and are obligated to providing them with the best existing knowledge and cutting-edge practical tools, preparing them for the ever-changing 21st-century work environment, as well as newly-introduced fields of research and science that are rapidly developing.

Academia in Start-Up Mode – atop Mount Carmel

With Kind Regards,

Prof. Eran Vigoda-Gadot

Professor of Public Administration & Policy
Dean, The Herta & Paul Amir Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Haifa

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