School of Political Sciences

The School of Political Sciences is one of the largest and most prominent academic research centers in the country, engaged in research and teaching in the fields of Israeli politics, political thought, international relations, public policy, public administration, local administration and comparative politics.

More than 1300 students attend the different academic programs - 650 students study for their B.A. and 650 for their Masters degree. The PhD program in the School is one of the largest and most successful programs in the country and the University. The academic staff at the School comprises the best graduates from leading academic institutes in Israel and worldwide. The research achievements of the academic staff are manifested in publications in leading journals worldwide, winning research grants from prestigious foundations as well as high esteem in Israel and worldwide. Two research centers are active in the School: the Center for Research of National Security and the Center for Public Management and Policy (CPMP). The School publishes the journal "State and Society" and its staff members also occupy leading editorial positions in worldwide academic publications in the fields of political, public administration and public policy and International Relations. School alumni occupy leading positions in all walks of life including administration, the media, consultation and politics. Among the School's alumni there are senior officers in the different security systems, major generals in Israel Police and generals in the IDF, ministers, members of the Israeli Knesset, leading media figures and general directors of government offices. Alumni of the Masters a PhD program have senior academic positions in Israel and worldwide.